7 Affordable Wedding Decoration Ideas (That are Instagrammable)

In the era of Instagram, it's all about investing in wedding party decorations that would flood people’s feeds on social media.

source: Canva

With careful planning and detailed research, a beautiful yet budget-friendly wedding is possible. Forget tacky things like oversized balloons with the couples’ face on, or monogrammed beer koozies – here’s how to pull off an Instagram-worthy wedding that doesn’t break the bank.

1. Make it pop

Okay, I know I said everyone needs to avoid bad balloons, but when done right – balloon installations are the center piece of the wedding (apart from the couple obviously). Think cool and artsy ones covered by marble patterns or in metallic shades.

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2. Wall décor

Wall decoration at weddings can also make or break the event. After all, a good décor would be an IG hotspot, while a bad one would end up as a inside joke among your social circles. Depending on your style, you can go for playful and colourful ones, or opt for simple monochromic style – but make sure they are consistent.

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3. Snap away

Photo props are always a good idea. A sweet sign, a creative element, or a mischievous memento can take your pictures to the next level. And for those who aren’t entirely comfortable being on a camera, a prop gives you something to do with your hands!

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4. Flowers

Let’s keep your wallet (and the earth) happy by replacing fresh flowers with reusable ones. Enter these artificial Hydrangea that look as gorgeous as the real ones and will light your wedding and your future home.

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5. The moment of truth

These personalised wedding vow books will not only impress your guests, but also as a unique keepsake for you and your soulmate to remember your special day.

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6. Light it up

Add decorative shine to your wedding party with these playful Gold Pineapple LED String Lights. Create a romantic and lively ambiance with these lightweight, rustic and stylish decorations in your venue.

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7. Party Favors

Forget mundane party favours like chocolates and cookies. How about saying thank you to your guests with creative and practical gifts like customized bottle openers or luggage tags?

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