Let's create a Box of Love

Introducing BOL, a collection of giftboxes designed for today's fearless & stylish Bride and Team Bride.

There's a certain childlike excitement that takes over when you receive an unexpected package in the mail—and when you realize it's a supersweet bridesmaid proposal package, or a thoughtful wedding SOS giftbox, expect full-on giddiness to kick in.


Choose from our range of pre-filled gift boxes that span different style and price range. Whether it is a self-indulgence or a bridesmaid gift, browse, shop, enjoy!


Each box is full of the best must-have items for your wedding day and planning process. Can't find one you like here? Feel free to put one together yourself! 


Depending on your order, your box full of gorgeous and useful goods will be delivered to you regularly to further increase the excitement to your big day. 

A gift for yourself -
Give yourself some love.

Wedding planning can be stressful and tiring. Pamper yourself with a series of surprise giftboxes full of sparkles, encouragement and pretty things. Time to give yourself a little pick-me-up!

A gift for the bride - Treat your girl.

Gift a soon-to-be bride with a giftbox filled with a variety of gorgeous, thoughtful and useful perks. This will keep her feeling and looking great inside out!

Gifts for Team Bride -

Can't tie the knot without you.

Treat your BFFs to one of these amazing delivery gifts that double as the perfect way to ask, “Will you be my bridesmaid?" Talk about an offer they can’t refuse.

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